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With Presque Isle Designs, you receive marketing, branding, and design expertise that fill your sales funnel—and not with just any leads, but leads excited to work with your business. My passion is to boost your reputation with messages and materials that exude professionalism, instill trust, nurture relationships, and foster growth.

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10 Years of Passion Growing 10x Stronger

I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary for opening Presque Isle Designs, LLC and being a woman business owner! This accomplishment has been such a blessing in more ways than one. I would have never reached [...]

What’s the Point?

You're feeling stressed about your business and immediately assume that you need to increase marketing in a broad sense to hit as many people as possible. But I ask, "What's the point?" You may not have the budget [...]

Trust The Unknown Territory

Entering unknown territory can be a scary thing in the business world. But in order to move forward you MUST 1. trust your instincts 2. trust the process and 3. trust the experts. Over the [...]

Issue No.6 – Creative Sabbatical 2017

"Creative Sabbatical 2017" (#CB2017) is a special documentation on my creative journey and personal and business experiences that have brought me to my 10th anniversary of owning and operating Presque Isle Designs. I believe that [...]

Jenny has been such a tremendous asset to our Board of Directors at the expERIEnce Children’s Museum. She brings a level of creativity, enthusiasm and hard-work ethic that is needed for boards of small non-profit organizations. In 2015, the Children’s Museum created it’s first successful fundraising event where Jenny was instrumental and provided the creative concept for our theme and logo. It’s hard to not be inspired by Jenny and her enthusiasm is definitely contagious!
Ainslie Brosig, Executive Director, expERIEnce Children’s Museum
I have been working with Jenny for over 3 years now. We have worked on a variety of projects and she continues to inspire me. She has a great way of asking the right questions to give the customers more than they had hoped for when it comes to their marketing plan. She provides the customers with great value when it comes to design, many times by thinking ahead for them. Whenever I have an important client who needs help with design and concept, my first call is to Jenny.
David Brzuz, Visual Communications Consultant, Leader Graphics

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